Yoyi Digital Won the Award of " Top 10 Digital Marketing 2019" by APAC CIO Advisor

Author:悠易互通 Release time:2019-07-22
APAC CIO Advisor recently announced the list of 2019 Top 10 Digital Marketing Solution Providers. As the Martech leader in China market, Yoyi Digital won the award with pride as the only local player of such, taking its advantages in data and technology with provision of omnichannel marketing intelligent solutions. 
APAC CIO Adviseraims to recognize and promote technology entrepreneurship. The list of the companies is selected by a panel of experts and members of CIO Advisor Editorial Board. According to Selena Jame, Chief Editor of APAC CIO Adviser, "we feel very glad and honorable to announce Yoyi Digital won this award. All of us are so impressed with its focus and specialization on the one-stop AI powered marketing platform across PC, Mobile, Video, Social, OTT and DOOH.  

The report of APAC CIO Adviser in June, 2019


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