How to drive the new round marketing growth by data?

Author:Yoyi Digital Release time:2019-05-23
The connection between people and screens brings the great change of customer behaviors, when their time fragmentation creates better chances for brands to build interaction with prospects. Thus, more and more brands start to realize the importance of big data and marketing technologies.

During the most recent iDigital Brand Summit 2019 , a closed-door social summit in the form of targeted invitations in China held during May 20th -22nd in Sanya, laid strong focus on “Integration and Growth”. The participants included the most cutting-edge digital marketing industry leaders and brand practitioners who represent as the main streams of digital marketing. YOYI Digital (“YOYI”) was invited to attend the summit as the Premium Partner for the fifth year as the most impactful omni-channel and cross-device programmatic buying platform in China. Ms. Fang Cai, COO of YOYI, presented to deliver a speech on the summit. She pointed out that big data had been evolving from reaching consumers through large-scale advertising to refined operations, to cope with the trend of marketing from channel-driven towards data-driven. Brands should build marketing strategies around “people” by integrating data from various resources and screens to achieve omni-channel data management and multi-screen access.


CDP(Customer Data Platform): Preempt Data and Integrate Opportunities

Technology upgrades and market opening up digitalize people and things, so are users behaviors quantified. Through insight and analysis of data, brands are able to better understand consumer journey and make the most scientific marketing decisions. No matter it’s called DMP or CDP, the essence is to enable brands formulate strategies around the core of data, managing multi-dimensional data and building up a thorough user behavior track from data collection and connection, look-alike analysis and segmentation, data activation and other aspects, ultimately accumulate their own data assets.

Brands’ decision-making can rely on the data assets once they are built. The early market research and user insights, marketing strategies, creatives, programmatic buying, even e-commerce, sales, CRM and other tailor-made operations can fully be equipped to drive marketing growth. Fang introduced that YOYI had accumulated the wealth of practical experience in the construction of data management platform, the massive cross-device coverage and high-density user contacts, which provide brands a better data foundation for cross-screen algorithms. YOYI platform contains 300 million unified ID, serving as the strong pillar for the data integration and opening up. In addition, the enriched 100,000+ data tag is able to bear a close-loop of data system to help with brand's consumer insights, purchase behaviors, scenario coverage and media strategies.

OTT MAX: Premium Big Screen, Multi-screen Interconnection

If CDP is the omni-channel data management, cross-screen could be no doubt the enabler to bring the access to the same user through all the screens he or she touches. Through the leading data and technology, YOYI has built a complete cross-screen, full-scenario, and comprehensive audience marketing strategies, covering a wide range of screens including PC, mobile, OTT, and DOOH, leading brands to the sights of consumers in the multi-screen era.

Cai Fang said that with the rapid growth of the entire industry, OTT would be a very imaginative and explosive market. In recent years, YOYI has been an influential advocate on the living room economy, promoting the development of multi-screen marketing, and taking the lead in cooperating with Samsung, Hisense and KONKA,ETC., to jointly launched the OTT premium large-screen marketing solution - OTT MAX, which integrates those top-tier manufacturers inventory of power-up and after on 60 inches and bigger OTT screens, using data, technology and other intelligent marketing methods to help brands access to high-end families and individual users.

YOYI has integrated family data with PC and mobile, realizing the unified multi-screen data management. At present, the cross-screen recognition rate has reached 83%. One of YOYI’s campaign cases for an aviation brand shows that through OTT MAX solution, their click rate, brand awareness and reputation have been greatly improved by taking into account high-end families and individuals.

With the development of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, digital marketing will continue to focus on data and integrate more screens and channels. YOYI, as the key driver of data and technology, will steadily strive for all means of core technologies to fully unlock the value of big data in the long run.


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