Yoyi Digital Received The “AD STAR 2018·Top Innovative Marketing Impact"

Author:Yoyi Digital Release time:2018-08-25
On August 25th, the 11th AD STAR 2018 was held in Busan, South Korea。 As the leader of China's cross-screen programmatic buying industry, Yoyi Digital won the 2018 Global Top Innovative Marketing Impact with the showcase of FAW Toyota。
With the theme of “CONNECT”, AD Star 2018 advocate consumer-centered, establishing in-depth cognition, interaction and trust between brands and consumers. Hundreds of top creative advertising elites and digital marketing leaders from 73 countries gathered there and a total of 20,342 excellent advertising cases competed for various awards. By winning award in AD Star 2018,YOYI has fully demonstrates its outstanding influence in global digital marketing field.
With a multi-screen strategy across PC, mobile and OTT, Yoyi Digital precisely targeted the audience and successfully helped FAW Toyota RAV4 stand out among many new cars brands. According to the trend that car purchase is more leaning towards household consumption decision-making, the advantage of OTT screen to better cover more family audiences is more obvious. The crowning touch of this campaign to catch more eyes to RAV4 was the switch to different creatives according to different weather conditions.
Grasping household consumption decisions by covering OTT
 Automobile purchase possesses an important role in household consumption, the demand of which depends more on household decision. In the new first-tier cities , SUV, RAV4 has greater market demands among young people, who are attached to household features. In China, Yoyi Digital firstly deployed OTT screen into the programmatic buying. Based on cross-screen recognition technology and with all family members under the same stable IP,Yoyi Digital made it possible to identify each family member's access to the network. The clear picture of household ID identification accurately helped RAV4 to cover the family audience.
Cross-screen data accurately target the audience
OTT screen ensures full coverage of audience with household features, but how to reach out to those without household features? With the advantages of data recognition of programmatic advertising, Yoyi Digital catches the target consumers of RAV4: 25-40 years old who are capable, passionate, obsessed with cross-country funs, in particular, male audience in the pursuit of new life style.
In addition to individual consumer, car purchase behaviors are leaning towards household consumption decisions. With its own family ID data, Yoyi Digital is able to identify the family members of visitors and execute ad serving, not only affecting individual potential customers, but influencing family car purchase decisions as well.
In 56-day campaign of FAW Toyota RAV4, Yoyi has fully access to PC, Mobile and OTT inventory through data, covering a total of 48.6 million network devices. And the click through rate has increased by 199% compared with regular delivery, which made the brand recognition further strengthened.
Creative optimization brings a new advertising experience 
To help RAV4 create a new online advertising experience, Yoyi Digital attempted another technology innovation. In cooperating with MOJI weather APP, Yoyi Digital obtained real-time meteorological data and successfully implemented different creatives for different weather conditions. In the end a high breakthrough in click through rate was achieved.
The Busan International Advertising Festival is known as the third largest advertising festival in the world, the largest advertising festival in Asia and the "Oriental Cannes". It is also a large-scale international event brand sponsored by the Busan government, founded in 2008. Different from other world-famous international advertising festivals, the Busan International Advertising Festival sets no limit of time and space, accessible through the Internet anywhere in the world at any time.
The programmatic cross-screen campaign Yoyi Digital designed for FAW Toyota RAV4 is an active and successful attempt, full of verification on the value possessed by advertising marketing technology. Yoyi Digital is willing to work with brands to explore more possibilities of digital marketing in the future.


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